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Winter offer
skiing tours in mountains
off-piste skiing with avalanche education
2-day avalanche course
winter mountaineering tours
1. Skiing tours in mountains
Ski tours in alpine terrain of the Low, the West and the High Tatras according to your interest. Your own skii-touring equipment is required (skis with ski-alpine binding, ski-alpine seal-straps, sticks, avalanche transceiver, probe and showel). Next photos show examples from some winter skiing tours in Slowak mountains.
lavy obluk Mengusovska valley pravy obluk
fg horny ram
Menguska 01
Under Volie rohy
Menguska 02
Mountain pass Vaha
Menguska 03
In Dracia kotlinka
Menguska 04
Under Volovka
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lavy obluk Furkotska valley pravy obluk
fg horny ram
Furkota 01
Lower parts of valley
Furkota 02
Under the 1st slope
Furkota 03
In Bystre pass
Furkota 04
Skiing down Mlynica
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lavy obluk Velka Studena valley pravy obluk
fg horny ram
Velka Studena 01
On Hrebienok
Velka Studena 02
Under Zbojnicka refuge
Velka Studena 03
Near lakes
Velka Studena 04
Under Svistovy
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lavy obluk Dumbier pravy obluk
fg horny ram
Dumbier 01
On Krupova
Dumbier 02
Under the summit
Dumbier 03
Under Kralov stol
Dumbier 04
Skiing down Siroka
fg dolny ram
lavy obluk Polana pravy obluk
fg horny ram
Polana 01
Under Derese
Polana 02
View from Deres
Polana 03
To Tri vody
Polana 04
To Brhliska
fg dolny ram
lavy obluk The West Tatras pravy obluk
fg horny ram
Zapadne Tatry 01
In Smutna valley
Zapadne Tatry 02
Under Smutne pass
Zapadne Tatry 03
At Ziarska refuge
Zapadne Tatry 04
Above Ziarske pass
Zapadne Tatry 05
Under Kopy
Zapadne Tatry 06
Skiing on Hruba kopa
Zapadne Tatry 07
Downhill from Baranec
Zapadne Tatry 08
View of Tri kopy
fg dolny ram
2. off-piste skiing with avalanche education
Skiing off piste in area of Chopok in the Low Tatras, possibility of using ski lifts, learning rules of proper moving in avalanche terrain. This activity is intended for customers who have only downhill skis (ski-alpine equipment is not required).
fg horny ram
On Lukova
On Chopok
Downhill from Krupova
Zjazd z Chopku
Downhill from Chopok
fg dolny ram
3. 2-day avalanche course
The course is aimed at planning skiing tours, judging of stability avalanche slopes, strategy of deciding during skiing tours, rules of proper moving in avalanche terrain, self-help and friendly help in avalanche. Theory and practise insured during 1-day skiing tour. Obliged equipment is the same as during skiing tours, some parts of equipment is possible to borow.
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Lavinovy kurz 01
Powder avalanche
Lavinovy kurz 02
Snow profile
Lavinovy kurz 03
Norwgian probe
Lavinovy kurz 04
!!! Zosuvny blok
fg dolny ram
4. Winter mountaineering tours
Tours are aimed at the basic knowledge of moving with climbing irons on steep snow and ice in culoirs and walls of the High, the West and the Low Tatras. Tour is joined with education about protection in snow and ice. Protection tools are insured by mountain guide, climbing irons and piolet is possible to borrow. Next photos show some of offered tours. In case of interest in other tour (Cerveny mortise, Vyska, Lomnicky stit, Rysy and other) is possible agreement with mountain guide.
fg horny ram
Nevestin Zavoj
Nevestin ice-fall
V zlabe
In steep mortise
Krcmarak 01
In Krcmarak
Krcmarak 02
Upper parts of Krcmarak
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